Monday, July 18, 2011

If gays are born that way, why aren’t transgender and ex-gays?

If gays are born that way, then why aren’t transgenders born that way?  And why aren’t ex-gays? 

Politically it makes sense for gays to hang with transgenders.  It brings the “T” to GLBTQ. As sexual minorities, it creates more power to pool their efforts.

But logically it just doesn’t make sense.  After all, by claiming they are “born that way” gay activists mean they don’t have to take responsibility for their actions or attractions. It’s the luck of the draw, etched in their genetic code, and they are helpless to change it.  Society must change to accommodate them.  Hence major social changes such as same sex marriage.

Meanwhile, transgender are born a certain way, but they feel it is the wrong way so they can change.  And they don’t just change which gender they are attracted to, some actually undergo biological transitions to become a different gender.  So which is it?  Can people change sexually or not?  Why is it ok for transgenders to change, but not for gays?  

Because ex-gays blow their cover.  If one can change from gay to straight, it refutes the premise that sexual orientation is immutable.  When homosexuals have the audacity to hope and change, they become targets of hatred by gay activists.  President of Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays, Greg Quinlan notes, "While the media look the other way, the ex-gay community is being harassed and publicly denounced by unforgiving gay activists because of our unpopular sexual orientation."  Quinlan claims he suffers more harassment as an ex-gay than he ever did "as an out and proud homosexual."

This is also why some gay activists attempt to discredit reparative therapy.  Witness their attack against Dr. Bachmann, husband of presidential candidate Michele Bachmann.  Gay activists are outraged that he supports counseling patients who ask for help in changing their sexual orientation.

Would Dr. Bachmann be on their hate list if he were helping patients change from one sex to another?  Apparently gay activists are fine with transgender folks transitioning to a different gender.

According to Advocates for Youth: 

"Transgender people report experiencing conflict over their gender assignment throughout childhood and adolescence, often reporting that they feel they are in the "wrong" body."
But wait a minute. How can it be the “wrong” body?  Wasn’t he born that way?  Isn’t their entire argument that if you are born a certain way, you can’t change so you should simply embrace it?  Apparently that rule only applies to gays, not to straight, transgender, or ex-gay folks.

So don’t expect an “E” for ex-gay at the end of GLBTQ.  Gay activists hate ex-gays.  But they can’t help it.  Gay activists were born that way.

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