Monday, February 20, 2012

Obama’s spin on religious liberty: from lip service to quip service

The battle between freedom of religion and free condoms continues in the story of the HHS mandate.  Liberals pay lip service to religious liberty, then promote sexual liberty in sound bites for the online spin machine. 

LifeNews explains: 
"The [Obama] administration’s continued fumbling of statements about this controversy illustrate the inherent danger of combining a bloated bureaucracy with an attempt to govern by Facebook status updates and Twitter feeds. The key to understanding why the “explanations” of attacks on religious freedom evolve every time someone puts a microphone in front of an administration official hangs on one simple legal fact: all the President’s “compromises” are purely imaginary."
The Obama administration has not actually changed the HHS mandate forcing employers to cover sterilization, abortion-drugs, and condoms in their health insurance policies; they just want you to think it has changed.

Feigning transparency, the president’s mantra is, “Let me be clear.”  But then he hides his actions with a sleight of words.  Like a magician, he engages your attention,  “Hey, look over here, it’s a compromise!”  While you’re focused on his “accommodation” he yanks freedom of religion out of Obamacare.

No more red states and blue states.  Thanks to the Wizard of Ob, we will have sterilized states, full of condoms, stripped of freedom.

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