Thursday, March 1, 2012

67% agree with Governor Chris Christie on same-sex marriage vote in NJ

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie vetoed the state’s same-sex marriage bill explaining that it should not be decided by a few, rather it should be brought before the people.  Sixty-seven percent of New Jersey voters approve of Christie’s proposal for a referendum vote in November.

Quinnipiac University poll results:
“Voters support 67 - 28 percent Gov. Christie's proposal to let them decide the same-sex marriage issue by placing it on the ballot for a November referendum, the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University poll finds.”
 As always, polling results reflected the way the questions were presented.  When asked, “Would you support or oppose a law that would allow same-sex couples to get married?” 57% said yes while 37% were opposed.  However, when the question was phrased differently, support for gender-segregated marriage dropped to 47%.  Thirty-four percent preferred civil unions instead, 13% opted for “no recognition” and 6% declined to answer.

Polls are also interpreted differently by different news sources.  For example, Bloomberg highlighted the large support for gay marriage with their headline:  "Gay-Marriage Support in New Jersey Reaches High After Christie's Bill Veto."
“Registered voters favor gay marriage 57 percent to 37 percent, according to the survey released today. They also approve, 67 percent to 28 percent, Christie’s proposal to put the matter on the November ballot, a plan rejected by Senate President Steve Sweeney and Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver, leaders in the Democratic-controlled Legislature.”
This begs the question, if 57% of New Jersey voters really do favor gay marriage, why would Democrat leaders want to avoid a referendum vote?

Because in 31 referendum votes, 31 states have rejected segregating genders in marriage?

Because, as the Quinnipiac poll itself demonstrated, voters want to support people with same-sex attraction, but are divided on the best way to handle the marriage issue?  How can they promote diversity and be pro-gender while supporting gender-segregated couples?
"The numbers are all over the lot. Voter support for same-sex marriage goes up every time we ask, but about half of them think Christie was right to veto it. By better than 2-1, they like the governor's proposal for a referendum."
 As Governor Chris Christie phrased it: "I continue to encourage the Legislature to trust the people of New Jersey and seek their input by allowing our citizens to vote on a question that represents a profoundly significant societal change. This is the only path to amend our State Constitution and the best way to resolve the issue of same-sex marriage in our state."

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