Tuesday, March 20, 2012

‘Much more is expected’ of Obama because he supports gay rights and is African American says SSM advocate

Author and co-host of radio’s Al Sharpton Show, Earl Ofari Hutchinson explains on the Huffington Post why President Obama can’t say “I do,” to same-sex marriage now.  Because it would be “politically suicidal.” 
“…to hold his refusal to utter the final words and endorse gay marriage now is worse than dumb and silly; it is politically suicidal.”
 Hutchinson cautions same-sex marriage advocates to be patient and wait for Obama to deliver gay marriage after the November election.  Hutchinson says there is a “near certainty”  that Obama “will eventually get it right to the total satisfaction of gay activists in full support of gay marriage.”

Hutchinson claims that because Obama supports the gay agenda and is a racial minority, he faces particular challenges:
“He is clearly a friend of the gay rights movement, and an African American so therefore more, much more, is expected of him.”
The challenge is not his ethnicity.  America proved in 2008 that race is not an impediment to the White House.  The real balancing act Obama walks is appeasing his liberal base while not alienating the large number of Americans who don’t want genders segregated in marriage or a homosexual agenda pushed in public schools.

Obama says he is “evolving” regarding same-sex marriage.  But is he simply biding his time?

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